Automate removing of Board Guest

Hi. I am looking to see if there is an automation that someone is willing to share with me?

My end goal is to Automate the Removal of a Board Guest on a specific board.

Status changes to “terminated” this triggers of a recipe where the email field in the item is used to lookup a board that is equal to the “item name”.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi @corey.masson!

At this time, I’m afraid doesn’t support this capability natively.

However, you can definitely utilize a no-code platform such as Integromat to do this for you. You can set up a scenario that will listen for Status changes, and then perform queries within our GraphQL API that can look for the board using the data in your email column.

Since this is the apps & developer section, I also want to shout out our amazing apps framework that will allow you to build this functionality out too. You would need to have some technical knowledge in order to do though, or access to a technical team.

In any case, I would recommend getting started by checking out Integromat!

hi @corey.masson , @Helen,

I don’t want to be the spoilsport here but I am afraid that Integromat won’t work here either. AFAIK there is no API support to add/delete guest users from a board.

Hi @basdebruin, thanks for chiming in here.

There is! You can use the add_subscribers_to_board() and delete_subscribers_from_board() methods to add and remove Guest users from your Shareable boards.

The key thing is that the board must be a Shareable board in order to subscribe and delete Guests!

Here is the section in our API documentation that covers these methods: API v2 Documentation.

Hi @Helen,

I am aware of that, but that section is talking about “Subscribers kind (subscriber / owner)”, missing Guest users here. Something I requested over a year ago :slight_smile:

Do you know how to subscribe guests (only knowing the email address)?

Hi @basdebruin what you’re referring to might be a conversation for a different thread.

There is not quick way to add any user, whether they be a Member, Guest, Viewer, etc. to a board with only their email address. You would need to first query all of the users on the account, then use the is_guest and the email fields to figure out which users are guests, and what their email is.

Hi @Helen and @basdebruin, thank you both.

I am frustrated as I am unable to connect the dots. Meaning, I can do the following and as you said @helen, there is no quick way. I really would like real support here versus guidance to documentation.

I am able to:

  1. watch a board that has a trigger to remove a subscribed user and in the output I get a data string with an email
  2. query the board and get the subscribers and again get a data string with the userID’s
  3. query users and get their email and ID’s

the challenge is how do I then say “use this specific ID” and “remove from this specific board”

I wish I could just perform the following:

  1. Identify Board ID
  2. Remove all Subscribers
  3. Add back specific Subscribers

Is there a variable? Please advise, as that would be the easiest thing to do at this point, purge and add versus try to get a “specific user off”

OR if there was a way to “unsubscribe user’s board” versus going to the board and doing so. Please advise.


It sounds like what you’re missing is the logic to tie everything together. Taking a step back, the flow of events you will most likely need to implement would be something like this:

  1. Watch a board and listen for a Status change
  2. Once a Status has been changed, it will return a payload (data) containing the user email and the item name
  3. Query all of the boards in the workspace/account and return the names of the boards
  4. Write some logic that will iterate through all of these returned board names and try to match it with the item name
  5. Once the board has been identified, you can query all of the users in the account and find the ID for the user with the email retrieved from step 2 (you will need to write a similar “checking” mechanism as you did in the previous step)
  6. Remove the identified user ID from board found in step 4 with the delete_users_from_board method

So what you’re missing is the logic of your custom Integromat solution. Another way to think about it is, our API only allows you to pull different data sets related to your account.

However, manipulation of that data (whether you’re searching through it, trying to match it with other information, etc) should be handled by the code that you write.

I just took a look and Integromat offers different “Tools” modules such as the “Interator” and the “Set variable” that you may need to write this logic yourself.

Of course, I would be more than happy to point you in the write direction in terms of resources and guidance, but obviously we aren’t able to build these custom solutions for you and your team.

Regarding your other workflow of removing and re-adding all subscribers, regardless of which method you ultimately choose to implement, you still need the logic that will iterate through your boards in your workspace/account and look for the board with the title that matches the item name.

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