Add Guest to Board B when Form Submitted/ Item Created on Board A

It wound be incredibly time-saving to have an automation that will add a guest to a specific board when a form is submitted/ subscriber added to a list. I currently use a monday form to capture these inquiries but I’d like to open the board to all of my subscribers automatically.

So far, this has been a daunting, manual task which is stunting growth knowing I cannot promote it as I’d like to. I’ve toyed around with the subscriber form through Mailchimp (opposed to workforms), connected via Zapier but it’s not an option there either to “add guest to board” as an action item.

I currently have an automation which creates an item in a task board each time a specific form is completed in the leads board. With every task, someone (usually me) must manually adhere to each request. This particular “calendar” in such high demand is a primary lead source for our business.

Some days, I wake up with multiple requests, which I delay for 24 hours to give them time to create their account via my affiliate link.

Any existing solutions I’m not aware of to reduce the manual process?

I’d love an answer to this as well, please.