Connecting a Shared inbox to

Hi There!

We typically use our ticketing system to track data and receive requests from clients. However we are looking at revamping one of our processes to incorporate The issue we have is that if we need to respond to the client, the email will come from one of our personal emails that is connect to, we beleive this might ‘untrain’ our clinets to only send emails to our helpdesk shared inboxes. Is there any way to connect these shared inboxes to to send the replies, so they do not see our own email addresses?

Thank you for the help in advance!

Hey @ashleyME,

This is actually possible through our Emails and Activities app, if this is of interest to you? The new feature allows shared access to a connected email account and enables you to customise share settings for each team member.

Is this along the lines of what you’re looking for?