When item is created in THIS group assign THIS person

Has this been implemented yet or is it on the way? If not, why not? This is such a simple one and super useful. I have a groups for separate individuals and that would save 100’s of hours not having to manually assign each one.

@AmbayaGold Yes, you can do that…!!

But to achieve this, you need to change the approach a bit.

Solution is as follows

a) You need to have an additional column typed Status.
b) The values in the status column will be the same as the group name.

Note : - The status column will have exactly the same options as the group names.
c) After this apply this automation available in automation center

d) Set one more automation in this as follows : -
When status changes to something assign someone as assignee

And here comes the solution for you…:slight_smile:

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