Update Notification to Team Members Via Email

We have Items with “Team” subscribers. When updates are made, unfortunately email notifications (which have been selected in settings) do not populate or generate. If we manually subscribe each individual, the email notification for updates works seamless. Is there a way to fix this issue? Or an automation to subscribe users individually to an item so they will receive an update via email? Automation Subscribing a Team doesn’t appear to be a solution.

Hey there! That definitely sounds like something our technical support engineers team might want to take a look at and see if it might be a bug causing emails to not get sent out! You can reach them at support@monday.com.

In the meantime, for an automation to subscribe users individually, you could set up a custom automation like this:

Of course, you can change the trigger from “when an item is created” to whatever is relevant to you here, and add as many additional actions for as many people as you want to add to that assignee column.

I hope this helps!