Notification Automation Permissions

Hello Community! I had a quick question about the visibility of notifications. On one of my boards, there is an automation that notifies a person assigned to an item when the item’s meeting is complete. The person assigned isn’t included on that board (the reason they are assigned but not board members is because we automated another board that they are included in to duplicate their item in the less accessible board). My question is this: since they aren’t board members, will they receive the notification? Or do they need to become board members to receive those notifications?


The short answer to your question is that what you are trying to do won’t (or at least shouldn’t) work. The selection of whom the notification will be sent to is restricted to board members.

There are a number of ways that you could solve this. Probably the simplest would be to use a custom automation or integration to send that person an email. Some other alternatives would be to give access to the other board but restrict column views or use Integromat to create and send the notification.


Hello Jim, thank you for replying so quickly to this post. I think I’ll use your suggestion of sending that person an email. Thanks again, this community has helped so much!

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