Automated Notification with Exclusion [of Myself]

I am the team coordinator and would like to be notified when any status in a specific board changes. With the existing automations this works well, but I don’t want to be notified when I change the status by myself. This is quite useless, annoying and also unnecessarily uses actions from the account.
It would be great if the automation is only initiated when the status change is not performed by me. This is what automation could look like:

When a status is changed to something by anyone who is not someone notify someone.

Yes! Didn’t know this was something i needed. But now I do!

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Hey @SKA & @AlexJ - this is great feedback! Currently, the default notifications (after being assigned to an item, for example) will not be sent to you if you are doing the action. If you set up an automation to send specific notifications, though, it will send to everyone regardless of who performed the action.

We appreciate you taking the time to share this request with our team so we can continue to improve the platform!

Hello, in short, you do not want to implement this feature ?