Want to assign a team to a task or notify a team via automation without subscribing team to board

A team assigned to one specific task in a project doesn’t necessarily need (or want) to receive notifications about all happenings on a given board. Additionally, they may need to receive dependency notifications surrounding those assigned tasks to move a project along to the next step.

I’d like to suggest for future enhancements that we have the ability to assign a task to a team or notify a team through automation without subscribing them to the entire board, to avoid notification fatigue.

If all you need is notifications, have you considered sending emails with the email integration? With it you can automate the sending of emails based on several criteria to whoever you want.

We also want to be able to assign tasks to a team without subscribing them to the board, so it shows up in MyWork. But thanks for the email tip!

Not knowing the specifics of your workflow, you could have groups that are named for each team, then have an automation that moves tasks to certain groups depending on assigned team. Then it would all show in My Work. Question is if your board is still useful to you after making those changes.