Look for reccomendation to leverage Monday to be a one email system for"External Clients'". Any best practices in moving to this type of setting?

We are looking for best practices on how to possibly use a board to show us all the emails we receive from clients. We are looking to move away from our Email box and push all communications through Monday to assigned task or board.

Hey @JWILZCPA - there are a number of options you could look into here. Depending on your specific requirements, stock monday (Work Management) may do the trick while you may need monday CRM if more advanced email integrations/automations are required.

Additionally, utilizing tools such as make.com for even more advanced handeling of email integrations may also be an option based on your needs.

We would be happy to discuss this more to ensure you get the perfect solution set up. Feel free to reach out to me directly at info@greenllamas.com or check us out online to learn more about what we do.