Email notifications to assignee for new project

For each new project, I have 3 boards and about 50 tasks. After I get everything set up, I assign the boards to someone. Then I go in and add a few more tasks here and there.

The assignee gets an email for each board, plus one email for each new task I assign then.

I want to set up the project and NOT email the assignee until I’m ready and have all the tasks set up the way I want them.

How can I do this?


Is that what you want? Board and item notifications are selected in the person’s Profile.

Since Monday has no concept of status for board setup: for example draft, under review, final/approved (last step when notifications should be sent), I set up the board and items first (check, review, edit etc) with no people assigned.

Then I assign the People to the boards and items as the last step and the notifications get issued per the preferences in the user profiles.