Done Board Improvement

Our team uses a “Done Tasks” board as a host for all completed tasks across all our boards. The board even has groups that corresponds to the board that the task was completed from.

The “People” assigned to the task are carried over (intentionally) with the task to the Done Tasks board - this is so we have reference of who completed the task. With that said, sends an assigned notification to the People on the task once it’s moved to the Done board such as

Assigned you to the item "Item Name"
Done Tasks

Our team members are getting needlessly notified of items moving to the Done Tasks board. My suggestion would be for the ability to disable assignment notifications - but on a per board basis.

Thank you!

This is been a constant request in to Monday… *** MONDAY DEV TEAM ** Quick Win… please add to BOARD SETTINGS and options to DISABLE ALL BOARD NOTIFICATIONS… this should only be available to board owners, but should be something that is a relatively quick fix !!!


Glad I’m not alone on this. Thanks!

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