Board Announcements

  • Tell us your use case. How do you and your team already use monday? Be specific if possible to give us the complete picture.
    We scout for opportunities and use Monday as a dashboard to track them. Each board has different Guests.

  • Frame the feature request/feedback in context with your pain point and what you want to achieve. The better we can understand how it fits into your workflow, the easier it is for us to prioritize in our Voice of Customer process.
    We would like to see a feature where we can make an announcement on the specific boards and it will automatically notify everyone on that board. Since the announcement isn’t item/group specific, tagging everyone on the board in a single update would seem confusing. We want to be able to make an announcement on each board, with graphic and hyperlink options so we can direct our users to certain deals or new service annoucements.

  • Help us understand the impact this is having on your team; is this having a critical impact that’s affecting your team’s productivity? Is this causing roadblocks in adopting as your main work tool?
    Since we have lots of guest on each board, none of them exist on more than one board, it is rather reductive to email each individual when we have a general announcement to be made public. It currently does not cause any roadblock but it would help to improve the communication aspect of our team.

  • List any workarounds you may have tried and to what degree this is solving the issue for you.
    Emailing individuals about updates or annoucements