Update Follow-up List

6/26/2023 - Update Follow-up List

Use Case: As a project manager using Monday.com, I send out a lot of requests for Updates every day. This includes items from many different projects and functional groups within the company. I frequently need to follow-up with individuals with 1:1 visits to get responses, so it would be nice to have a list, by person, of all sent requests / @mentions. This way, when I visit each person I can quickly click through a list of every item from every project where they owe me a response.

Possible solution 1: An automation may be used to create / add items to a board every time an @mention is used. This could be filtered by “response requested” vs. “informed only,” which could be a toggle / choice within the Update. The list / board should include the date requested and a link back to the specific Update.

Possible solution 2: A filter in the notifications section that allows you to select a person that you @mentioned and keep a list of each sent while you click through to update the status…