Track response requests from Updates

Many requests for a response get sent out to individuals via the “@mention” feature in conversation/Updates, however tracking who has responded and who hasn’t (or the time it takes to respond) is cumbersome. I would like some mechanism for filtering who I sent a request to, when it was sent and a link back to the request across all my project Updates.

I would also love something like this, as well as perhaps an additional side functionality of continuing to ping/pester the person(s) until they respond, since the original mention only goes off once, and then if it gets ignored or lost in a sea of other updates or mentions, it doesn’t resurface.

  • On the one hand, that’s an issue with someone essentially ignoring messages and should be dealt with from a management perspective… but on the other hand, having some of that follow-up aspect automated would be really nice, especially if it could then update the person who tagged them that there was still no response after X number of attempts.

Thank you Erik, I appreciate your response. From a management perspective, I find it helpful to follow-up with many folks in person, however it’s difficult to pull up a list of each item they owe me a response on. It’s no problem if they’re assigned to be an owner of a task, but to make a task for every info request would get unmanageable very quickly and create a lot of clutter on projects. Trying to maintain the list of response requests in another format, even another board in has proven to be a challenge. I really like having the ability to sort for items that I’m mentioned in, but it would also be great to sort by items I’ve sent, at least to start with.

Again, thanks for your response and support.

With that in mind, a ‘possible’ solution would be to have some form of column-based (if tracked within a table) or widget-based (if tracked within a dashboard) way of tallying incomplete response requests, that can then be drilled down to get to the specifics on the requests, and that would update as the requests are completed (or if new ones are added…).
But that feels like a whole other layer of new functionality requests somehow.

In the search everything function there is a way to see every update that you have made, updates that you haven’t responded to, etc. This works if you search for other people as well. This is not a perfect solution, but has helped out a bit for some of the things mentioned in this thread.

Thank you Kayla, I appreciate your response and suggestion.
I can’t seem to find the filter by relevance or way to select “I Wrote.” Is there a feature I need to see this?

Thank you,


The location of this popup is not very intuitive, once you click updates and it loads, you should see it on the far right of your screen, it almost looks like it’s not attached. This screenshot better shows the location

Thank you Kayla.
You’re right, that’s really hard to see, but I did find it.
I’ll have to play around with this some to see how best to use it. The load-time is pretty slow, but the time filter helps…
Thank you!

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