Board Level Update Option for Board Only Communication / Collaboration

As the admin of our boards and manager of most of the individuals using those boards I think it would be great if there was an “Update” feature that allows board owners to communicate / collaborate with all subscribers and guests of a board about the board rather than within individual pulses. is evolving quickly so our boards are also always evolving as new features are added. Because of this there are many instances when an update about the board (not pulses) for changes / revisions of all kinds, issues, or added features would be very helpful. Personally I try to avoid email and funnel as much correspondence as possible through the platform.

Sometimes I add a pulse to a board and communicate with subscribers / guests using that pulse for board level correspondence, however that particular pulse really doesn’t sync with everything else happening on the board, also not always easily visible or easy to understand for board subscribers / guests.

Examples of pulse for board communication…

Thanks in advance for taking the time to have a look!

Hello @Aksalano,

In a similar scenario, I usually create a dedicated group for a chat within the board that may be used to provide also updates about the project to all team members. It stays on the top with only one activity so it can be easily accessible.

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Good to know others do the same type of work around, will probably copy what you are doing for some boards. The ideal solution would still be if Monday integrated as part of the platform.

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I think it shouldn’t take much time to happen.

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Actually to add to the topic…we have an entire board committed to messaging, rather than send emails we try to categorize our correspondence and drive communication / collaboration through a single board. It takes time to move people off a platform like email but can be more productive than traditional email and keeps people on the same platform while they work.

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I would like to see the update capability added for both boards and for groups. For illustration, if a board is a project, sometimes (as others have said) the whole team subscribed to the board needs to communicate about the board / project as a whole. And then, if groups represent project phases, the same need applies there for group communication.


I do that to put a pulse for general communication. so many times we have conversation that is not relevant to pulses in a board. wold like to see that feature. @PedroM any news about that?

Hello @nikolamujdzic. No, no news yet.

I assume the goal to this issue would be that the messaging capabilities of become a real alternative the services like Slack.
At the moment could not replace Slack at our company. But it would have the possibilities to achieve this in the future.

If would adopt the Slack system it could be something like this:
Slack channels = Monday boards
Slack threads = Monday groups or pulses
Slack DM = Monday DM

But to compete with Slack is a rather high goal. Monday than would also have to include nativ calls & nativ screensharing. (And maybe giphy integrations :wink:
I’m curious to see what Monday will coming up with regarding the communication tools…


I have not used Slack so not sure. Updates for pulses work great for our team and how we use the platform, an obvious “Updates” feature at the board level is missing unless you use the workaround which is to create a group / pulse to Update (message) board subscribers.

This is how we get around the board comms thing too - but it would be great to have a native function!

I agree, for now we have added group titled “Board Chat” to every board, not ideal but allows group discussion about the board rather than individual pulses.