Internal-Only Comments

Hey all. I found bit of a hack but it’s far from ideal but might be useful for some of you in some use cases.

If you add the “emails and activities” item view

Then add a note and tag someone. The clients cannot see that. I tried it setting up a test guest.

You cannot have threads just single comments but they are private and connected with the item.

Is there any update on this by chance?

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We have information about how work is produced that is either irrelevant, proprietary or we just don’t want our clients to see the information. It would be nice if the board team owners could make notes hidden from guests or even more granular permissions.


what about if you hide those columns with specific information ?

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Hi @wyrobot

Yes, what about using the column level permissions? You have these on the Pro plan (not sure if you’re on that plan or not)?

Let us know if these might work for you?

Sure, I could do that, but I was thinking that the notes boxes include rich text, links, checkboxes and makes for a better experience.


OK, so rather than put the information in columns themselves you’d rather have the option to hide certain items altogether from guests or the information in the updates section?


yes, that’s right. Some tasks require instruction that needs more elaboration than is easy to do in a column.


Oh, yes, would love that feature. We end up having to set up 2 boards, one for internal communications and one to include guests (clients). Would really like that feature!!!


I love this idea. I would say an option to not allow a guest to see any update area of any item not assigned to them would make sense. This could even be tied to the existing Board Permissions so when Edit Content was selected guests could see and edit the update area of items not assigned to them. If Edit Rows Assigned to Them is set them they could only view the details of those tickets assigned to them.


Hi Julia -

The issue I’ve found with the permissions is that automations do not work with columns that are hidden. I have a similar issue where I want to hide certain columns but I have automations that involve the columns I want to hide. I’m being forced to choose between hiding information or having things automated when I really want the ability to do both.


We would also have great use for some kind of ‘internal comment’. For example, we are working on a development task and keepinga dialogue with the client in the Update section. However, it can happen that I want to post a comment/update only to the dev team that is not relevant to the customer for some reason.
Jira had this feature where you could tick a box next to the comment form saying “restrict comment to team” or something.

Keeping separate boards just for internal comments sounds like a mess @DF2019 but I see why you do it :slight_smile:

Hiding the whole column/section to a guest doesn’t really do it either, as I want to keep all dialogue in one single thread.


Agreed, having 2 boards is a pain, but it does somewhat work. The best and easiest option would be to have a “hide comment from client” checkbox for each comment posted.


Just wanted to add my +1 to permissions at board view level rather than or in addition to at column level. We manage data related to multiple clients and vendors in a single board and then provide each client or vendor with a view of only items related to them. Creating separate boards for each of them would create way too much work and would defeat the point of being able to manage everything easily.


@johan.n Agreed!! Even I’m having this query now. Don’t want 2 different boards but on the same item updates restricting some for guest/client users.
Have you figured any workaround? If so would be very useful if you let me know.

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Totally agree!! There should be an update column in addition to the update bubble on the item itself. That way you can have internal comments that can be hidden from the client. We also have 2 boards - one to work of and one for each client. There are some automations that can automate what we need but not everything so I am constantly switching between boards to make sure the relevant client comments go to my working board.


I have not tested the visibility question. However, according to the documentation, the new CommuniHub monday app notes should only be visible to members.

IMO, this is still not the optimal solution. But, until something else is made available, this might work for some.

This would be such a great feature, we’re also resorting to internal/external boards at the moment which gets really messy and confusing.

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Hi @zensystems !

You can use Monday Private Notes.

After you install it, you’d be able to add a “Private Notes” views to the board, you can control approved users on each view and manage notes.

Hope this helps.

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@Yoggie is this app still available?