Request: Updates Editable by Anyone

I made an automation to write updates, and even I can’t edit it because it was made by automations?? But I can delete any update I want? Nice. People have been begging for this for 3 years now

+1’000 We can’t really build shared checklists as long as this isn’t an option. Requiring the creator of the update to be the only one who can modify an update and therefore a checklist introduces unnecessary bottlenecks. At least allow others to modify the update if the creator allows it - similar to the info boxes.

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I am trying (with little success) to use Monday as a ticketing/task tracking system largely for technical deliverables (think SNow, Jira, GitHub, GitLab, etc.). A key feature of these systems is tickets have both a title and a body where more information can be provided.

I’ve worked around Monday’s lack of a “ticket body” by pinning a comment on each ticket I open. However, because I’m not working alone but in a team, it is crucial that teammates can update “ticket bodies” over the life of a ticket so we can always tell what each ticket is about and its state.

Inability for teammates to update “ticket bodies” is antithetical to every ticketing application I’ve used.

This request has been open for over three years – has anyone else found a suitable workaround to make Monday work more like ticketing software?


There is the option of using ‘Info Boxes’ which is one of the sections within an update, and can be edited by anyone… but they don’t display as updates on the update icon on the item/subitem, so unless you know they’re there or where to look, it doesn’t really work as an ‘update’… especially as I don’t believe that there is any automation that can be triggered by updates to them if desired for notifications or actual updates.


Has anyone found a solution to this?

It is a critical function to making the updates feature truly useable in a team

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I also desperately need to be able to allow others to edit my updates. The “Info Box” workaround doesn’t work (I tried giving ownership to a user and they still couldn’t edit it). Info Boxes are also hidden on a different tab and wouldn’t be noticed by many users. Any updates on allowing another user to edit my updates? Thank you!

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So, we were able to edit other users’ updates from about 2022-2023 (maybe we were part of a secret test group?), but we all just realized that this ability has recently been removed. :frowning:

This is essential for anyone using Monday for project management. Without it, our process is now logjammed until we figure out an alternative solution.

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+1! Our team would greatly benefit from this added feature. In one instance, my team plans for a weekly newsletter and in our final stages one person creates a “DRAFT” update for us to review. It would be much more convenient for different team members to make edits/add content to the update itself rather than requesting the edits be made by the original poster.

As a team member in a scenario with multiple “board owners”, it would be extremely beneficial to allow Updates to be edited by other “board owners”.
Currently, this capability is limited to the creator of the Update, while “board owners” can Delete an Update but cannot edit it.
After deletion, they can proceed to create an Update of their own.
In many cases for our team, the text of the original Update may only require minor adjustments, such as adding the name of a client or @board guest, as the board has been created from a template providing the basic structure. Such edits can involve tailoring content to specific clients or simply personalising the Update.

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Monday is a fantastic tool, but I find the lack of transparency and interaction by the team around certain features very off putting. This has been asked for since 2020, with recent activity.

Can we please get an update on this. If it’s not going to happen, then please say so. If it can’t happen, just explain why.

Thank you

@monday-moderators @monday-team @CSG

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  • 1 to this. This and being able to create a permissions view/edit layer to individual updates would really help streamline client communications. We really struggle with these restrictions and they limit our ability to use Monday for client services.

Hi, this seems to be requested quite a bit. We update our tasks all the time and it gets super messy if each tiny change is a separate update

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