Allow guests/viewers/etc to access/edit the vote column

Im trying to set up a monday board for our companies product feature requests and ideally I want people to be able to view the board and vote on the items using the vote column.

I want users to be able to vote on items but I dont want them to be able to do anything else. I already have them set as viewers and all of the columns locked other than the vote column. I also dont want to have to invite everyone in my company. I want anyone to be able to pull up the board, create a viewer account, and vote on issues.

Idea submissions are supported using Monday forms.

This would really cement our usage with Monday. We are thinking about canceling our existing road map software.

Hi @connor.m - Welcome to the community! That’s a creative use case. The challenge is that Viewer accounts cannot edit anything… not even a vote column. And when they are a Guest, if you lock down edit permissions for every column but want to let them vote, you’ll still have the potential for people to add their own Items to the board.

You may need to have some type of third party frontend to display the roadmap Items and allow voting outside of monday․com, and then have that write back to the board. I’d love to brainstorm on this with you a bit to see what could be done, and learn more about your voting guidelines. If you’d like to chat about it, please schedule a time with me here: Book Polished Geek: more with

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Yeah thats the point, I would like this feature to be changed/implemented. Even with google sheets or something like that we could lock down certain fields and only allow people to make changes in certain columns.

Monday has the ability to allow a user to edit one row (an item they are assigned to) but I want users to be able to edit a column.

I second this suggestion (or some other view that only allows voting on items). While looking for Product Management software I looked at and ProductBoard. ProductBoard was a lot less flexible but does natively have a “portal” for viewing and voting on roadmap items. Some version of this functionality would be very beneficial for Thanks!