Add Automation to update Status based on Checklists

Add the ability to add an automation that updates the Status of a pulse based on the items in a checklist. The primary need is to update the status to Done or Complete once all the items in the checklist are complete. I could also see a need to update a status to In Progress or back to New based on if any item in the checklist is complete but that is not as big of a need as marking is Complete.


Hey @btaylor76! Great question - currently our automations don’t support checklists, would you be able to share your use case and ideal recipes you’d like to see? Happy to pass this feedback onward!

The use case is that we have tasks that have sub tasks that must be completed in order for the task to be complete. In our case right now a specific task we are building out is in relation to updating Dev, Test, and Production servers and once all 3 are done then the task can be completed.