Checklist on a Form

Hi - we have a store we have to visit every two weeks. When visiting the store we have 5 areas to check & underneath each area is a list of items. We want to create a form with these 5 groups & various items per group. It will be 5 checklists within one form. The form needs to capture & save the data for that date so we can refer back to it. Please assist.

Hey Chane,

I think this is something we can set up in a board for team members to visit each time they have to fill the checklist out. Whilst I can see how a form would be useful, I am afraid it wouldn’t be possible to pull in the specific item name into the form directly so that team members can check against it.

Let me know how something like this looks:

You could even add a specific date column for each checklist column.

Alternatively, you can break the areas up into groups, and follow a similar structure:

I’d love to hear your thoughts!