Create and store a checklist based on another board view

There’s something we’d like to do with, but not sure how:

We have a board that contains all of the items in an audit program. Certain things are audited every month, others only quarterly or annually but they’re divided up among the months so that there isn’t one giant audit with all of the annual items, they’re split among the months. There is a dropdown column that we use to indicate which months an item should be audited in, and then there are views for each month that give us the list of items to check during that month. FWIW, many of the items have subitems as well.

What we’d really like is to be able to not only select the view for a month and see what items should be audited, but to take all of the items in the view, make them into a form that the auditor can fill out, and then store the results.

Monday forms, however, is column-based, not row-based, so Monday forms don’t work as-is.

Also, we can’t just put a check box column in and use that, because it’s modifying the original item.

Taking the view and Duplicating it just creates another view, it doesn’t allow for duplication of all of the items into a new board.

It looks like we can select all of the items on a board and export them, but then we’d have to re-import them and I don’t think the import functionality offers the ability to simply add a new column to a bunch of existing items.

Is there a way we can tackle this with Monday, or should we export and use other tools?