Push Item Edits + New Items from Template to Child Boards

Hello! I have a use case I have not been able to solve with Monday.com’s integrated features. I was planning on using the third-party Bulker app by developer Moveo Boost, but Monday.com’s recent API update (preventing third party apps from creating new columns) has caused Bulker’s functionality to fail. Please help! Here’s the use case and need:

We are opening hundreds of clinics across the United States. Each needs an opening checklist board in Monday. The opening checklist for each is identical, but each board will have different internal and guest users able to view and edit the board. The checklist is used to provide consistent information to all guest users who are opening their clinics and for us to track progress internally. I want to use a template to create this opening checklist.

While the opening checklists are identical, I will need to edit items within that checklist–both for future boards created from the template, but also in existing boards already created from the template. Each “child” board created from the template will be in various states of completion when I need to edit existing items or add new items. This is the biggest problem I need to solve. It will need a long term sustainable solution, as I will need to edit and add items over time. I have not figured out a way to use mirror columns to solve this problem.

My second problem is I want to create about 100 child boards from the template opening checklist board all at once, instead of creating a new “child” board from the template one at a time. This is a one time problem, as I need to create about 100 boards right now from the same template board to get our teams caught up to where we are right now. Then, I will need to create 5-10 child boards from the opening checklist template board every month.

Additionally, I want to track progress and measurables across all these boards. It is likely that we will have 150 or more active, in progress opening checklist boards at any given time. Because of the limitation of pulling data from only 50 boards into a dashboard, I am using high level boards that I’ve organized by region across the US. So, I have each clinic feeding into their regional high level board (I am using mirror columns for this) and then I’m using the high level boards to feed into a dashboard. I’m open to feedback on this too, to ensure I’m optimizing Monday’s functionality!

Thank you for your ideas!