Use a form to create new board from template and assign column headers

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to have a form on a template that does not create an item within that board, but rather generates a new board and populates column headers based on responses from within that form. For example, we use the same board over and over for our recruitments, and use star rankings for candidate qualifications, but those qualifications vary by position, so when person from Department A needs a board, their qualifications (column headers) are specific to the vacant position, and different from qualifications necessary for jobs in Department B. Small-scale, we could simply create a few Department-specific templates, but for an organization experiencing growth, this could become cumbersome. Thanks in advance.

Hi @GRoss , right now it’s not possible to do it using only but it can be achieved using Make or other tool to create the new board and incorporate the required information to it.

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Thank you, @PedroM, I’ve looked into Make after your recommendation, I didn’t directly see the requested application, but may have to look further into it. If anyone has experience with this, I would appreciate insight.

The objective to use Make is to be able to access to API so you can create a board from scratch or from a template and customize it. You will need some low-code experience.