Use a form to create a template and populate with a spreadsheet

I’m just starting to play around with automations - I’m struggling slightly and could do with some advice on if this idea is feasible.

I’m currently using the Multi-Project Template and we’ve created a Project Board template, I’ve found a way using a Form and a simple automation to enter a new project name into a form and then create the new project using our template - This is simple and works really well.

What I would like to do now is use the file upload question on a form to upload a spreadsheet, this spreadsheet will then be used to create all the items within the new project board.

The idea is we’ll create the initial project plan in Excel then upload into, then use as the source of the truth going forward.

So I’ve been importing a project plan and I may have had slightly higher expectations regarding the process. It appears there are a number of columns that I’m using in the project board that aren’t supported as part of the import process.

Would be great to know if I can add the tasks in but I’m guessing any other columns will have to wait.