Using form completion as a task step in a project list template

Hi, I have searched elsewhere but cannot see a response to this… I am looking to add a task to a project template that includes a link/step that requires the creation/completion of a new Monday audit form. The idea being that I would like the completed form to remain as an embedded document within that specific project, with an automation setup to mark that task as completed once the form has been submitted/completed… and email a copy of said (completed form) to a designated email address.
Is something like this possible with Monday Forms? Or am I looking for too much?

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Hi @alan_salisbury :wave:

At upstream we never say never. As Platinum Partners, we’re better able to support our clients in broader and more complex requirements with the creativity of our development team.

While you may not be able to achieve the described with native platform functionality or the existing apps on the marketplace, the door isn’t completely shut. If you’d like me to run your requirement past our dev team please let me know - happy to help you take next steps and figure out all your options.

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