Create new board with template in Integromat

My use case is to create a new client board with a template whenever there is a new item created in the Client Masterlist board. (Any item created in the Client Masterlist is done through a Jotform + Integromat flow)

I know this can be done through a recipe within Monday, however I want to pass on more data for creating items and assigning column values inside the new client board, so I need it to be a part of the original Integromat flow.

Can someone suggest a way to create a new board with a template in Integromat? I can’t seem to find a preset recipe or a template.

Unsure if I am overcomplicating things, but here’s something I’ve made in a bid to copy the columns and the boards:

However, while the module (#49) that Adds Columns displays the following error:

“message”:“Argument ‘column_type’ on Field ‘create_column’ has an invalid value. Expected type ‘ColumnType’.”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:12}],“fields”:[“mutation”,“create_column”,“column_type”]}]


As you know, the standard Integromat “Create a Board” module does not provide the ability to create a board using a template. However, any monday API call can be executed using the “Execute a GraphQL Query” module. To create a board using a template, create the module like this, where “12345678” is replaced with the ID of the template that you would like to use:


@JCorrell ,

Thanks! That makes things a lot easier.

However, I’ve run into another problem further ahead in the flow - could use your insight.

Once I have created the board + template, I want to input data from Jotform to the columns in the new board. I have used Column Queries as well as “Get Board” to get the list of columns in the new board.

However, at the time of creating an item, I can’t seem to get a list of columns. If I try to “map” the columns, I only seem to get the last column of the board.

All 20 columns in the output.

All 20 columns in the output.

No columns while creating an item.

Column Query1
Get Board1
Can only pull 1 column (which is the last column in the board)

I could try and add the values through the “change_multiple_column_values” API but I’d like to avoid going down the more complicated route.



The easiest way to deal with this is once you have created the first board, go back to the Create Item module and reference the newly created board directly. This will then pull in the column information and you can then setup your output the way you want. Once this has been done, change the board reference back to MAP and reference the board ID from your create board module.

If you need any additional help, let me know and we can jump on a call.