Help with automatic daily/weekly/monthly checklists

Hello, I work for an HVAC company, and we are pretty new to I am just looking to see if it is possible to create an automatic checklist for myself that updates and changes based on the date/day of the week. For example. I go through all open jobs every Monday, and I go through open invoices on the 1st of each month, so my question is: How would I create some kind of board/checklist that updates these tasks for me for each date? Thank you!

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There are heaps of ways to manage recurring and automation of tasks in! You can create a task in a task board with many different options for the trigger and assigning responsibility, deadlines, etc.

It sounds like you could use a demo in general and have a chat to someone who can give you some food for thought. I’m happy to chat all things anytime, so give me a shout if you’d like to. My partner was HVAC Engineer for 20 years so I’ll have a fair idea of your workflow requirements in general. :slight_smile:

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