Best way to create a daily check in?

Hi everyone,
I’m fairly new to Monday so excuse me if this is already out there and I just missed it in my search. We have a business that needs to track whether or not a project is active on a daily basis and keep track of those days.

We have each project as it’s own row within a board for each project manager. The idea in my head is that every day at the same set time, the project manager will be notified to update whether or not we have a crew on site working that day. I know I can do this via automations. However, what I’m struggling with is how to keep track of this information. I can add a checklist column that they can just click for each project, but it doesn’t seem like I can 1) Track when that is clicked. The point of tracking it is so we can look back and see how many days the crews are on site for a given project.
2) Reset this every day as we want it to be a daily check for everyone.

I will continue tinkering with different ways but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!


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Hi @NTamam - welcome to the community! One way you could accomplish this is to utilize subitems as your check-in for the project. Within the subitems have a Checkbox and Date column.

Create a new Date column on your board (Let’s call it Todays Date) and have an automation set:
When Todays Date arrives, create a subitem and then push Todays Date by 1 day (or business day)

Then utilize the autoboost app to copy Todays Date to the subtask date column on creation (you could also copy other elements like who it is assigned to, etc…)


You can then add the checkbox column to the parent item for a summary:

Hope this helps!


Appreciate the feedback and idea! This is definitely one that makes sense. I guess the only issue we would have with it is that we are already using subitems to keep track of all the different phases of our projects. Additionally some projects could take months so the amount of subitems would get a bit crazy :sweat_smile: I will definitely take a look at this idea and see if maybe we can condense it, maybe using the updates portion. Thank you!

With automations, there is a way to track when the check is completed, if you use a Status column type instead of a Checkbox column.

The Status column could be named “Crew Activity Status” or something. Options could be something like “Pending Review”, “Crew Active”, “Not Active”.

The daily automation you described would reset that column to “Pending Review” each day, and trigger the notification to the project manager you described.

Add a Numbers column, call it “Days Active”.

Add another automation: When “Crew Activity Status” changes to “Crew Active” then increase “Days Active” value by 1. It doesn’t track which specific days, but it does give you the count you’re ultimately looking for.

To track specific daily history, you could have an automation write a value to a separate Board for Crew Activity Tracking. Send it the Project Name, Today’s Date, and Crew Activity Status value whenever the Crew Activity Status changes to “Crew Active” or “Not Active”. This would need two automations, one for each Crew Activity Status (“Crew Active” and “Not Active”) because the automation engine can’t do a Status OR condition.

If you create a Tracking board, you could easily create a Pivot Dashboard to tell you the total days active and inactive for every project.