Auditing Boards?

Just wondering if anyone is using for auditing purposes? I have locations where I would like to audit sites and wondering if anyone has a board they use that they find helpful or any suggestions.

Declan - welcome to the Community!

Our Stories Page is a great resource for checking out boards from other customers - I found this board which is a great starting point for an auditing template.

Let me know what you think!

Hi Declan. Are you looking to manage the scheduling and completion of audits, or to record the results of specific checks that are made at each site against pre-defined requirements?

Hi Snicho,
I am looking at using to help me to conduct the audit and record the result for individual sites.

Hi Kacey,

Thanks for the link this has helped getting the ball rolling!

Hi Declan,

We ended up creating a very wide board with numerous status columns that we used to capture “Acceptable”, “Not Acceptable”, “Not Applicable”, and “Not Checked”, for each aspect that we wanted to review at each site. We also captured comments in the Updates for each item, particularly when something was deemed to be “Not Acceptable” or “Not Checked”.

I expect that the best way to implement this, is going to depend on the type of audit that you are conducting, and how much detail you need to capture.
Once you have completed your audit, then you’d need to consider how best to address any necessary findings within your workflow.

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Hi Snicho,

Thank you for the ideas. Just wondering if you are aware of anyway for the status to create an ‘overall percentage’? We are trying to audit and then score based on if they are above or at our requirements.


Hey @Declan15

Not sure if this is what you mean but if you have multiple status columns in your board, you can use the progress tracking column to show the % progress made across the multiple statuses. You can choose which colours of statuses mean “done” an can even add more weight to particular columns more than others.

This article should explain more about that:

Let me know if that helps? :rainbow:

Hi Julia,

Thank you for your help. This is fantastic.


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