Data Analytics Overview Board Calculated From Client Boards


First of all, I’m very new to, a company I have recently used have an account but don’t really use it. I am looking to help improve the future project timescale predictions as we quote for new work and provide one location for my boss to see how the design team is progressing.

A little background, we are a small design consultancy - mainly working on medical products. Typically we quote against three levels of complexity for projects. (this will be come relevant later!). We work within an eight phase process written by the consultancy owner (also relevant later on!).

So, what I’m looking to do is set up a new board from a template for each new client (easy enough so far!)
Once the design team is working within these boards and generating hours by phase (groups on the client specific board) I want to be able to pull these numbers out to an overview board. I would like to then write formulae to work out average time spent by phase and by project as a whole. This will be useful when quoting new work with a similar project complexity.

To take it one step further, I would like each client board to represent the complexity level (low, medium and high) and be able to classify the numbers taken to the overview board as their complexity level to allow averages by project complexity. Haven’t seen a way to do this but do have a board template with our eight phase process and basic columns for the employees to work within.

The final push (for now) would be to take the associated employee to the client board and allocate that to the numbers taken to the overview board to allow averages by phase/project/complexity per employee - I hope for this to help identify developmental needs of employees to help allocate training opportunities etc.

I have tried the ‘mirror’ column but can only see the data when clicking to expand the cell. A little stumped I thought I should try turning to the community for some help!

Thanks for reading and for any guidance you may have for me.
Stay safe and stay home!


hey @Chris_Tyler - welcome to the community an extension of the family!

Can you share with us screenshots of perhaps a short video recording (you can use so we can see what you have so far? And see what else we can offer?

Hi Bradley,
I’ve added a couple of screenshots. One is if the template we plan to use by project with the various groups that represent our process. One is of a title block as written at the top of our quotations (ideally some of this information would be represented on the corresponding board). The third is a sorry looking board with very little. the group in the screenshot is where I have attempted to mirror the hours columns from the three test boards I’ve done. These aren’t showing the hours input in the corresponding boards though so the formulae column has nothing to calculate.

I’m sure there are better ways of doing this so I’m all ears! :smile: