Starting from Scratch - Find an Expert, Use a Template, or Go it Alone?

Hi all, we just started using Monday and pretty new to formal process management in general. (I run a two-person startup and we’ve outgrown the ToDo list method).

Really enjoying the functionality and user interface, but am having trouble wrapping my head around how to structure our boards so they are easy to update and also provide all the info we need.

  • Want to more easily break down larger projects into pieces with specific owners and communicate progress

  • Keep track of tasks that recur weekly or monthly

  • Identify and track our metrics of success and somehow connect them to their relevant action items

  • Estimate total hours each team member has been assigned for each coming week, and track actual hours after a week

The plan is to do this first for our marketing, and then copy for the structure for other areas of the business (sales, product development, customer service, etc).

I’m sure this is something we could figure out on our own with the help of YouTube, but would probably be quicker and better if we had some guidance from someone with more experience.

Does anyone know how tough of a project this would be on a scale of 1-10? Any sense of how long it would take? Am I right to get help with this or should we suck it up and figure it out ourselves?


Hello Jeff,

The scope of work you describe above would take a mid-level consultant in a handful of hours. If I had to rate it in terms of difficulty, I would rate it a 2. The challenge you may find in contracting a consulting firm is that while there is a surplus of technical talent, the interpretation of your workflow may get lost in that very translation. I am happy to refer you a consultant that I have personally worked with in the past. I sent you over a message/email followup

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Since posting this question a few days ago, I’ve been receiving multi-channel spam - people calling, emailing, and dm’ing on LinkedIn.
First I will say is that, as a business owner who spends a lot of time on sales, this is just terrible practice. If you are doing this, stop! I can 100% guarantee that I will never hire for any project someone who stalks me across platforms.
Second, I’m disappointed that Monday is not doing more to prevent this type of hyper-spamming. Why is it so easy for people to track me down using all these methods I didn’t provide? I’m realizing my email address is displayed publicly, and there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to remove it from my profile. Nor is there any obvious way for me to edit or delete the original post. These seem like basic, basic functionality for a forum. Am I missing something?

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Hi Jeff,

I would recommend removing your last name from the forum which I have done in the past. All a person has to do is Google you in today’s hyper-connected world. I have grown to welcome any form of contact and apply the same in my outreach because I have had very rewarding experiences in this approach, but I can see where this can be overwhelming.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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