Setup for marketing and mirroring - help and advice please?!

I’m not sure if the features I’m trying to use are right for the job, if I’m using them incorrectly or if I should rethink how I’ve set the boards up, so perhaps somebody can help by answering.

My role is head of marketing in education and we have different marketing managers for different markets think Further Education and Higher Education. We’ve set up folders aligned to those markets and in the folders go project boards for campaigns and projects. Each new project or campaign gets it’s own low-level production board.

I’d like a high-level board which automatically pulls in fields from EVERY low-level board but only shows certain columns. For example I’d like to see things like total estimate hours per task owner and average status completion plus deadlines so I have a complete summary overview of projects and enable a report to be created which tracks resource capacity.

I tried to set up an automation in my board template which when an item is created it creates a link to item in my high level board. I thought I could then put a mirror column in the high level board and tick the columns I want. But this doesn’t seem to automate, instead I have to manually pull across each and every item.

I tried to give up on that idea and just do it in the Dashboard but again you have to manually select every single project to get a capacity overview, but with projects being added continually this is a nightmare.

Am I missing something, or am I doing it wrong? Or is this actually a feature request and needs to add a dashboard widget which includes all active projects with a person assigned on it.

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Hey @Robbo - welcome to the community an extension of the family!

Do you feel comfortable sharing your boards here so we can best advise? If not reach out to us at with screenshots or video recording of your boards and what data you are looking to pull.

Sure, so this is what my project board looks like:

This issue I have, is each project we have has a board which uses this template. But we’re a big organisation so we have dozens of these on the go at once.

We then have more detailed departmental boards e.g. events, comms, design, operations etc.

What I’m trying to do is have a high level board which allows me to make management decisions based on resource allowance. For example I’d like to simply pull columns with people matched to hours and state how much workload an individual has for X time period.

This is because we use a form for people in the business to request projects and it’s hard to plan them in if you don’t have a snapshot of who is doing what, when and also where there are delays.

Hope this makes a little more sense?

Yes it does! Have you made use of using Dashboard for this?

You can use the Workload Widget to see the availability.

That said, you may have a limit on how many board you can pull into a widget. Would you be able to create a widget for departments or clients depending on how your boards apply across the account?