Marketing Workflows

I am looking to see how others use when it comes to managing multiple marketing projects from campaigns to blog posts, webinars, case studies, external requests, etc. Ideally, would like to have one master board that captures a high-level view with automations. Also looking to see if anyone uses separate tracking board, i.e. email, content, creative, social, etc, inside of a larger project board using connected boards or do you just keep all the task work for; email, website, content, etc within the specific project.

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I use to manage multiple marketing projects and it’s been a game changer. I use a master board for a high-level view and individual boards for specific projects like email, content, and social, etc. But here’s a fun tip: Ever thought of incorporating a premium guest blogging strategy into your content plan? It’s a super effective way to boost your SERP ranking and increase brand awareness. Plus, it’s 100% White Hat and risk-free. You can either go for a regular option with DA of 20+ and average organic traffic of 1000 users/month, or level up with a premium option that offers DA of 40+ and average organic traffic of 3000 users/month.