Sub-tasks with different columns

I would like to be able to “unlink” sub-tasks, so that different groups can use a different set of columns. This could even be extended so that sub-tasks from different parent items also do not share the default sub-task columns.

I have a board used to track various projects in HR. One of these tasks contains multiple steps required for a number of forms with different plan year ends. There are a different amount of versions for each form.

Currently, I have to create a parent item for each version, with each sub-task being the exact same list of steps. It would be easier to create and visually more organized if I could make a table. I would have each plan year end as an item in the group, the different tasks required as their sub-items, and the status of each version as a column. This would mean I’d have 9 status columns for one plan year end, 2 status columns for another, and only 1 status column for a third. Right now, the three plan year ends are forced to all have 9 status columns.

Hi @mjsuchomel,

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At this stage, this isn’t possible due to the underlying structure of subitems.

Subitems are essentially another board that is linked to a parent item. All subitems for their parent’s items are on the same ‘board’, this is why you can’t have different column structures for different subitems.

This feature has been asked before, so it may be something that monday look at implementing in the future, but I don’t believe that it is on the roadmap at this time.