Subitems, too limited? Dependencies

I’m a very new user - digging through the forum to try to determine if I should even try using subitems at this point. Do you use them successfully?

My main purpose for subitems is to try to keep my main board more tidy - that is, rather than having each step of a given task displayed on the board, I create subtasks (ex. “Hire contractor” consists of the following subtasks: ‘Develop RFP’, ‘Receive proposals’, ‘Select contractor’, ‘develop contract’, ‘finalize contract’). That’s the purpose, right?

The issue I’m currently having is when trying to create dependencies, it seems I can only make a subitem dependent on another subtask.

Maybe I’m just doing all this wrong - but there seems to be other limitations to subtasks. Am I best to not use them at all for now?

Hey Mike!

We hear where you’re coming from here and recognise that this is a limitation within the dependencies functionality and subitems :pray: Our team is aware of the setback and working on addressing these roadblocks in the future. We encourage you to cast your vote to the existing feature request, to get this on their priority list. Thank you for your understanding of this advance!

Thank you for the reply - I appreciate it. I’ll add my bump to the feature request.

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