Improvements to the My Week area

Our marketing agency has regular monthly clients on retainer that have various needs for graphic design, print, website revisions, articles, etc.

We have separate boards for each client, plus general production boards with groups based on the type of task (creative, website, content, video production, etc) but the challenge there is for my team members to be able to see all of their work across all boards.

As most of our work requires beginning days or weeks in advance, I prefer to use timelines to give an idea of when they should start a project.

My team is having two major issues with the “My Week” section currently:

  • The Timeline selection only shows the final due date of the project, as opposed to showing all prior timeline days the team member should be working on a project so they can get started. Today, tomorrow, and all dates in My Week should show a project if there is a timeline overlap so they know they should be working on it.
    I don’t understand why there is a separate selection to show dues dates vs. timeline when it’s basically the same. We’ve had many projects fly under the radar until the deadline because of this.

  • The addition of views like a regular board would make it much more functional. If all of our tasks were organized in a timeline or calendar view at the top of the My Week area it would solve all of our problems.

It would be possible to use dashboards to solve this, but the board limits make this impossible to achieve. I need a unified view of all boards in one place.

This is really the only major hurdle we have we have with Monday, but it’s a big one and as our company grows it will become a bigger problem.

As an Event Management Firm, we have found the same limitations with the My Week feature. It is impossible to use as a planning tool as it only shows deadlines for the current week. We were optimistic the Dashboard feature would help but ran into the same board connection limitations as you found.

One solution we tried was to create keep the timeline column for when the task should start/end and create a new column called “Working on date”. We set that column to be a “deadline” column so that it appears in My Week. This worked for a time but it has become difficult to maintain and very confusing for our users since it is essentially a workaround.

Creating a My Tasks view would be a great solution. As would allowing us to have additional views on the My Week section. I’m also curious if the new Monday Apps could be utilized for this, where we could build a view based on tags and timelines (we are trialing a new workflow of using tags for designating sprints).

Definitely going to follow this feature request. Thanks.

Interestingly I just saw this timely announcement:

I tried a workaround using tags, for example my team could search for all projects with a #creative tag to see all upcoming creative projects in search everything, but there are currently no tag automations available.

If I could automate a tag to populate under specific board groups this could work, but as it stands now it has to be done manually and there is too much room for error there. It’s also a complicated workaround for what is probably a simpler feature addition to my week.