Sort "My Work" by start date instead of end date

We’ve started to plan with, using the timeline column in several boards and automatically creating to do lists for employees with My Work.

Once implemented we found out the hard way that Monday sorts My Work by end date instead of start date: people didnt do their tasks and project managers were getting frustrated untill we figured out that for some reason the tasklist is sorted by end date… so tasks that have a timeline of more a week for example were put in the next week section and not started on the dates they were planned, and thus not making the due date.

Feature request: Please create the option to sort My Work by start date, like an actual agenda ;).

Hi @Lucas1 ,

Our team has a need for this as well! Here is another feature request asking for the same, be sure to vote there as well!

I voted and commented, thanks.

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There are requests going back years on this, I am not sure why it hasn’t yet been addressed. Any update, Monday?

We use the timeline column instead of single dates, to represent the span of the work.
So our tasks will look like:
Kickoff: 10/7/23
Development: 10/8/23 - 10/23/23

Right now, the my work page only shows items in terms of their last date.

In the case of the development above, the team is kicked off and completely forget about it within a day’s span (based on workloads and many other factors).

Instead of only having items that END today, in todays grouping, can we also please show items where today is part of the allotted working time?

In the example above, starting tomorrow (10/8) in the assignees “Today” section on the My Work Page, and for everyday up to and including the end date (10/23), they would see this particular task and be reminded that it is something on their plate.

Right now, there are many cases where it drops off their radar until they see it come due on the end date, and they have run out of time.

I too would like this to be a feature add/change. We need pulses with timelines to show up in My Work based on their start date, not end date. We’re having to add a ‘start date’ column to these pulses which just adds an extra step. Thanks.

Hey please add you vote to this request: My Work and Timelines - Feature requests - monday Community Forum