Timeline sorting by end date in boards

Hi, I have a question about the timeline column. I have been sorting my board by the timeline column to help us prioritize tasks, but instead of sorting by the end date in my timeline it is sorting by the start date. I know I could use another date column but it seems redundant and inefficient to add another column just for sorting purposes. And I need to use the timeline feature instead of a date column so I can track my teams workload week to week.

When I sort by the timeline column I am looking to see what is due this week not what was started first. I hope that makes senseā€¦Here let me use an example. I have three pulses on my board and the timelines are as follows:
Task 1 April 20-24
Task 2 March 1 - April 30
Task 3 April 21-22
When I sort them by the timeline column I want them to come up sorted by the end date so it should come up in this order:
Task 3
Task 1
Task 2
Right now if I sort it sorts by the start date which is makes it seem like I should prioritize the Task 2 over the other two task which are due this week.

Any advice or feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!