Due Dates / Start Dates My Work


Right now the my work page functions as a check-list that I am on board with except for 1 critical function.

We use the timeline column instead of single dates, to represent the span of the work.
So our tasks will look like:
Kickoff: 10/7/23
Development: 10/8/23 - 10/23/23

Right now, the my work page only shows items in terms of their last date.

In the case of the development above, the team is kicked off and completely forget about it within a day’s span (based on workloads and many other factors).

Instead of only having items that END today, in todays grouping, can we also please show items where today is part of the allotted working time?

In the example above, starting tomorrow (10/8) in the assignees “Today” section on the My Work Page, and for everyday up to and including the end date (10/23), they would see this particular task and be reminded that it is something on their plate.

Right now, there are many cases where it drops off their radar until they see it come due on the end date, and they have run out of time.