Dashboard timeline Gantt view

I’m trying to use the dashboard timeline as a way to view my assigned projects and duration on a weekly basis. Sounds like the Gantt view, right? However, when I add boards to the timeline, I just see a lot of tiny stacks of day-long projects that are too short to read the name on and too long, forcing me to scroll down a lot. So the timeline is not very useful in this state.
What do I have to do to get this to be more functional? I’d like to see projects on a week to week basis, but even on the Days filter, I’m see about 2 weeks more on the sides. I’ve already added the start and end dates for projects on a board, so I don’t know why I’m not seeing those represented on the timeline.
Maybe if this is working, I won’t have my timeline so vertically stacked from long-completed projects either.

Hi @HugoM

Can you please send over some screenshots showing what you see right now so we can advise? :smiley:


Here’s what I’m looking at. When I first get to the Dashboard page where I have timeline at the top, I’m seeing a long, narrow, empty column for today. Then scrolling down in the timeline where items for today start showing up, they’re so narrow that they’re barely legible. And none of them are showing the start and end dates of a project even though that information exists.

Hey @HugoM

Thanks for sharing! I see that the timeline items showing here all have timelines of just 1 day, so this would be why it’s appearing like this.

Could you please send over some screenshots of the boards feeding into the dashboard widget?

I want to take a closer look!

Sure. Here’s a screenshot of the board where most of my tasks come from. I’ve blurred out potentially sensitive information. All the projects are set up this way, but none of them show the finish dates on the timeline.

Hey @HugoM

I see that you’re using date columns to show start and end date rather than a timeline column. Therefore, the timeline view you’re looking at on the dashboard will be taking just one of these date columns.

Can you add a timeline column to the boards and then select a start and end time there? You should then be able to see all of them as durations on the cross-board timeline in the timeline widget in the dashboard.

Okay, I see. I added the timeline column and it showed as a span of time and that showed correctly on my timeline.
How would this be managed though? The dates aren’t set individually? I think this is something I should bring up with the project managers because I shouldn’t be poking around with their boards to do this. I know they’ll say to just look at the start and end date, but that’s harder to process than a visual timeline. Hopefully it could be set up to work like this for everyone though. It shouldn’t be too much more work on their plate.

Thanks Hugo! I hope that switching to the timeline would be a viable option for your PMs. That way you can see visually the start and end date of every project!