Show time-track of tasks on a timeline or (even better) in a calendar

I’ve create a board with task statuses (todo, ongoing, paused, done) and automations that start/pause time-track upon status change - time-track start when status move to ongoing, and end when status move to paused/done.
I want to be able to view my work on a timeline/calendar - i.e - I want to view the time-tracks periods of all tasks (of all statuses) on a timeline, or in a calendar (where item can cross days).

Is it possible?
10x very much!!!

Hey @barlesh, it is possible.

I would suggest adding 2 dates columns to the board, start date and end date of the task.
After that, reconfigure your automations to add the start date/end date when starting or ending a task.

You have 2 possible views to use for showing the work that has been done:

  1. Calendar view (your preferred option) - click on the + sign next to the board views, and add the calendar view, than, set in the settings to use the 2 new dates columns that you’ve added to the board, and you’ll see in the calendar when you worked on each task.
  2. Gantt view - adding it is the same as the calendar view (but choose gantt this time :slight_smile: ), and again, set the new dates columns in the view settings, and you’ll see a gantt showing your work.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need assistance in other topics.

Hi @SeanMoveo
thanks for the super fast reply.
So I tried your suggestions:

  1. a start + end date is nice, but what happen if I start working on an item on Monday → Tuesday, then in Wednesday I need to context switch to a super important task, workin on it whole day, and then go back to the first task and finish it on Thursday. Then, if only looking on the start & end, It seems like I’ve worked Monday → Thursday for the first task, but really worked for 3 days. The view I want to see is: Monday task a, Tuesday Task A, Wednesday Task B, Thursday Task A. i.e - when using start & end points. I loose informations.
  2. As for the specific view:
    Gant is OK, but it duplicate items for each day - not so comfi.
    Timeline is nice, but it only place the start & end time on the appropiate days, so no “line across days”.
    Calendar is gr8, but the previous sections’s problem show a falsely state (I didn’t work on Task A on Wednesday! :frowning: )

No chance that any of the view support the time-track list?