Entering start dates

Could someone explain me how to enter a start date for a task? The software only proposes to enter due dates. Thank you!
PS. I am using the free trial version of Monday and am planning to opt for the Standard version, if I get an answer to my question.

Hi @Sanna,

Have you discovered the Timeline column? This allows you te set start and end times for your tasks.

Hi @basdebruin, thanks, I have looked at the timeline view and entering tasks there, but have not noticed an option how to set a start date. I also noticed I can add a column with a date in the main table, but I don’t think the software understands it to be a start date. Any tips are appreciated.

Hi Sanna

When the timeline is shown in the normal boad view you can click on the left side of the bar to set start time.


To be clear, we’re referring to the Timeline column type which you can add to a board, although the Timeline view can be used as well.

See Type in Start/End Date in Timeline Column


Monday does not have a hard and fast concept known as a Start Date such as that found in Microsoft Project.

Monday is more flexible. It offers a Date column type which can have multiple uses.
You can add multiple Dates columns into a board and name them Start Date and Finish Date.
You can then use the Start Date as a start date in other boards, views and dashboards.

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Thanks for the replies. Surprising that a basic feature like this is so challenging to do. I finally found where to click. If anyone else is wondering here my description:
When you are looking at your board in the main table view, you see a list of all your tasks. At the end of the row of each task, there is a + sign. When you press it, it says “Add column” and you can select “Timeline” from the dropdown menu (note: do not select “Date”). After that it proposes you to set dates for all tasks. When you click on the column of a task, it takes you to the Timeline view. There you click on the task again and open it. One of the elements of the task will be “timeline” and there you get the view pictured above, where you can select a start and end date. To modify the dates you need to click on the arrow (not in the calendar that opens up but in the task view) to the left to set a start date and the arrow to the right to set an end date. So by clicking the arrow you “activate” whether you are about to set a start or end date.

It might seem challenging at first but it’s really very simple once you get used to Monday. It’s part of what makes Monday powerful because it offers these flexible tools.

Monday is unlike other software in that respect. There’s rarely one way to do any single task in Monday. It offers you a toolkit of columns, boards, views, automations and integrations to set your boards up any way you like.

It only takes you to Timeline view if you click in the Timeline column between the arrows.

If you don’t click but first move your mouse to either end of the bar in the column, you will see the arrows as per my screenshot above and you can then set your Start and End dates inside your board without going to the Timeline view.

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