Excel import into existing group

Hi. I wonder if anyone can help please. I have an existing board with 20 columns in a group. Is there any way of importing from excel into this group already. Everyway I try it just seems to create me a new board, which is not what i need. I need the imported columns to go into my existing group, ie on column 21 onwards for example. I know an easy fix would be to drag all the info onto 1 excel sheet and then import all of it together, but for reasons too long to explain this is not practical so it would be an import to an existing solution.
Any help would be fab
Thank you

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Hey @IanTaylor! Absolutely, first off I think this guide (scroll down to import to existing section) might be helpful in importing to existing items. This is a relatively newer feature we’ve added so we’d love to hear your feedback. To get started you’ll want to go to the blue button for “new item” on the top of your board and hit the downward menu (see below) then follow the steps linked above:

Let me know if this works out for you!

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