Excel import to existing group

I am trying to import data from excel into an existing board which in itself is working fine however every time I do an import, the columns for each item update perfectly but monday also creates a new group at the top of the board with no data in it titled the name of the excel document I am uploading. How do I stop it from doing this?

Hey @Katie1!

Currently this is expected behaviour. When importing from Excel even to an existing board, it will import those items as a new group, unless you are using the overwrite existing items option. In that case, the newly imported items will search for the matching item to match and overwrite it. For new items with no match, however, they will be imported as a new group - apologies for the setback here! If this isn’t working expectedly on your end, we recommend emailing our support team via support@monday.com for our tech specialists to investigate :pray:

Any chance this is planned to be updated? I see several threads about this request over the past couple of years. My team imports from multiple excel files daily, and sometimes it can get messy trying to sort the newly imported items. We’re tired of deleting groups! :pray: