Excel - import items in groups

Hello everyone,

When you do an Excel import in an existing board, is it possible to automatically import items in a dedicated group ?

Currently when I import items in my board, it always creates a group at the begining with the name of the Excel file, but I would like to skip this step and directly organize items in a specific group.

Thank you,


Hey @corentin.dalfarra! The items do import as a separate group versus being able to specify which groups the items need to go in. Sorry that at this time there is no way around manually resorting them!

Let us know if you have any further questions about this at support@monday.com! We’re happy to help with whatever you need!

I Also would like to see this feature added, as I am constantly having to import and then move items in to the group that they should be in and then delete the import items group.

We definitely hear you on this @pbanks and will be sure to forward this feedback to our product team for review. We apologize for the inconvenience here, and appreciate your understanding in advance!