Export to Excel Logo

Hello Everyone,
I would like to export my Monday boards into Excel files that I can send to my clients (i.e. Quotes). The issue remains that the Logo is smack in the middle of the file which leads to confusion and skepticism from my clients.
Please does anybody have a solution to this? So that I won’t need to manually edit the header of every board I import from Monday. It would be highly appreciated. Thank you

Right click on the logo, then click Remove Link. You can then delete the logo.

Yes it’s possible to remove link and delete the image, but the OP doesn’t want to waste time doing that.

I agree, the monday logo in the excel export is tacky. Maybe monday needed that during the early stages to help spread their name, but at this point it just shouldn’t be there. It reminds me of “this website was built with Geocities! Click here to make your own!”

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Ah, missed that, although it takes a quick second to delete. But it would certainly be better off without it.

This is definitely a top vote for me. I am currently using Smartsheet and looking to make the switch, with Smartsheet your branding is added to PDF and Excel.

It seems easy but for larger companies having to manually remove and add your logo is a pet peeve

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Please!!! This and on the PDF prints too. Its becoming a huge issue for us.