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Hello Everyone,
I would like to export my Monday boards into Excel files that I can send to my clients (i.e. Quotes). The issue remains that the Logo is smack in the middle of the file which leads to confusion and skepticism from my clients.
Please does anybody have a solution to this? So that I won’t need to manually edit the header of every board I import from Monday. It would be highly appreciated. Thank you

Right click on the logo, then click Remove Link. You can then delete the logo.

Yes it’s possible to remove link and delete the image, but the OP doesn’t want to waste time doing that.

I agree, the monday logo in the excel export is tacky. Maybe monday needed that during the early stages to help spread their name, but at this point it just shouldn’t be there. It reminds me of “this website was built with Geocities! Click here to make your own!”


Ah, missed that, although it takes a quick second to delete. But it would certainly be better off without it.

This is definitely a top vote for me. I am currently using Smartsheet and looking to make the switch, with Smartsheet your branding is added to PDF and Excel.

It seems easy but for larger companies having to manually remove and add your logo is a pet peeve

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Please!!! This and on the PDF prints too. Its becoming a huge issue for us.

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Hello Monday. Any update on this?
I think we should have the option to not include the logo, especially those who are paying for the subscription.

And you should already have an option also to export Excel in CSV formats.

Please remove the “power by monday” logo that is on top of every excel sheet that is created. It is frustrating having to remove it from every page.
Also, it would really help if the name of the excel sheet created matched the table used to create the sheet instead of the name of the board.
Finally, it would help if the excel worksheet included the date created.

Hi all!

We hear where you’re coming from here. At this time, there is no concrete update on this particular request. We encourage you to share this feature request around to increase visibility and votes - every quarter we take the top voted feature requests to our product team for a status update. Please refer to this post to learn more about how the process works :pray: Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Removing the logo from exports, especially for enterprise accounts, will definitely be helpful and reduce the amount of clicks we have to do, which trickles down to reducing cognitive overload.

Our finance team will be using Monday for time tracking, and they’ll need to export boards on a weekly basis. The logo doesn’t look professional and having to remove it is an additional burden on our finance team. (It was already hard to get them on board with Monday). The idea is to reduce as much administrative tasks and annoyances as possible.