Need Improved Printing Features

Hello. I understand that is looking to be a digital solution, however, much of the work created here might need to be reported to other individuals who do not want to access Frequently Board of Directors or the Executive Team are going to want created documents in their reports. Why does this become important? Because these executive reports usually include multiple sources of information coordinated into one summarized document for their review. Currently the printing feature on is lackluster to say the best. Example - Trying to print out a gannt chart doesn’t present as a report but as a screen print. It looks terribly unprofessional and unpolished. There are two critical parts to any program used - 1. The ease of operation and 2. Final output (e.g. report customization, report printing, impact data, etc.).

Is it possible to create better printing options? The PDF report BETA is currently not an improvement over the Print a Board feature. Actually, its not valuable at all as it does not allow any modification to data being captured in pdf.