Print Dashboards

Use Case:
We use to manage our strategic workplan. This involves a long list of tasks/projects and then we link out to projects that need their own board. We use the dashboards for executive reporting and also for reporting to our finance team. We have custom columns where we calculate financials for each item and the dashboards give a glimpse into each of these roll-ups and rather or not we are on track or falling behind. Our regions have their own dashboards that include the battery widget so they can quickly see which items need attention.

We would like to print and send out dashboards as a status report to our board members and also put parts of them in presentations.

Currently, the only way to do this is to screenshot it, which is a pain and also doesn’t always display it as nicely as it’s already designed within the dashboard.

We have tried right-clicking and printing from chrome, but we get an error message to print from within the board. This isn’t an option and so it seems to make very little sense for this error to occur.


Hey @mrobison - We are looking into methods to allow our customers to share data from the dashboards, such as printing, broadcasting or export to csv. But still, I think that with the possibility of the Full screen you have now in the dashboards, you can easily print and take clearer screenshots.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile: