Experience with Displaying Monday Dashboards on TVs/Monitors

Hi All,

I am looking for any advice from teams that have successfully displayed Monday.com Dashboards on TVs or monitors throughout the office.

The goal is to have dashboards of the most important projects for the week on a few TVs displayed in the office.

I’m looking for advice for anyone who has done something similar. Did you use any programs to display the dashboards? Did you run into any issues when trying to display them on a TV?

Thank you!

Hi @kaylak I suggest taking look at the Dashboards by Screenful add-on. It pulls data from monday API and provides a customisable dashboard that you can set up on rotation on TV screens.

You can learn more about this app and how to set it up on TV screen. We have also written a guide about selecting the hardware.

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Hej @kaylak , there is ready-to-go solution from smartnmagic.com
It is a 24 or 32 inches digital wall display, that can show shared dashboards from Monday. These displays are using dakboard OS under the hood.
You just need to generate a shared URL in Monday, and paste it in a Website/iFrame block in the DAKboard.

Here is how to create a such sharable URL: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005309925-What-are-Shareable-Boards-

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