Broadcasting Dashboards

Broadcasting is a great feature that we currently use with the free RiseVision app on an Amazon Fire Stick to display our boards in our office TV. I love the battery widget on the dashboard and would love to be able to broadcast that on the TV as well. We would use this for specific boards (events) as well as overall performance (weekly sprints).


Hey @rick

The Broadcast view is still exclusive for boards only :grinning: But I’d love to understand the need to broadcast a dashboard.

Plus, why won’t you screenplay the dashboard itself?

Let me know :slight_smile:


As I mentioned, we have a TV in our office that we display boards on. We are in event management so we will typically have the boards for the next event or two up on the TV. We use the free RiseVision digital signage app to embed the iframe and rotate through the boards.

Without tying up a computer, or purchasing another media device, we have no other way to display a dashboard on the TV.

Dashboards are great for customized visualizations. If we had the ability to display dashboards we could use the battery widget for weekly sprints, the time widget for event countdowns, the numbers widget to make sure we are on budget, and the llama widget just because it’s fun.


Wow @rick I love this idea! I believe we actually have this in the pipeline to broadcast dashboards so please stay tuned for this! I can’t give you an exact time but I will definitely share this with our product team! :smile:

(We also love and use our llama widget :wink: )


I’d also love to see more functionality added to the Board broadcasts. E.g. Choose whether to include Updates or not. Choose to enable people to add to some columns but not others. Allow people to add updates. And so on.

Thanks for the additional feedback @TheOtherPM. Might be cool to open a new thread for this though as think it covers another separate feedback on broadcast view, not connected to dashboards! Thanks!

I second this. Having a broadcast view for dashboards would be great! I am using ProPresenter 6 in our office to scroll through our boards, but I would love to have more functionality and customization to my display

Hey @jacobazimmer - First, welcome to the monday community :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any further feedback, we’d love to pass your input to our product team :100:

If you are using Google Chrome, you can cast anything from your browser through Chrome Cast. I guess there must be another functions such as this one in other browsers.
We sometimes cast the dashboard, the maps view and other things in the reception of the office this way

@V.B.Music This is true but requires a computer. The broadcast feature can be embedded into websites for public facing information as well as into digital signage systems without the need for a dedicated computer attached to one display. That is what we are after with this request.